Smartboys Club Books




In the Smartboys Club series, a group of fourth grade geniuses use their skills in outrageous ways to defeat the challenges that confront them. Many people mistakenly assume that only people good at math and science are smart. The Smartboys Club proves differently. There are many kind of geniuses, and working together they can solve a slew of problems.

Monkey leads the Smartboys, and his special genius is reading and history. Bean is the math and science guy. Art is the sports star and artistic genius. Vinny is the spelling queen and computer aficionado. Together they defeat a band of crazed ninjas that take over their school in the first book, and a bully who won’t leave Vinny alone in the second book. In the third book the Smartboys learn about musical genius and welcome Sandra to the club after solving the mystery of her strange disappearance.

The Smartboys Club books provide children with a fun read, great adventure, and characters they can identify with and love. It also gives children a boost to their self-esteem no matter what their personal genius is. The Smartboys Club shows that there are a lot of ways to be smart, and everyone is smart in their own way.

Parents will find that the Smartboys Club books will get their children wanting to read and learn, and will instill in them the notion that it’s cool to be smart.

The Smartboys Club series is great for teachers because the books will grab their student’s attention and in a fun way introduce a broad range of topics that are studied in school: science, reading, history, geography, social skills, math, spelling, culture, music, sports, and art. As a special bonus, the secret notebooks included at the end of each book give teachers a chance to expand on the kernel of knowledge planted in the story and springboard into class discussion and learning.

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