Hi, I’m Monkey and I love to read and write. Here are some of the poems and stories I’ve written.

If you like to read and write too and want to share something you’ve written, have your parents email a copy of your writing to editor@wonderrealmsbooks. Be sure to include a note giving permission for Wonder Realms Books to post your poems or stories. Also include a nickname. Wonder Realms Books will not put any real names or other personal information with its posts.


The Library Ghost
by Monkey

Skin like dew on lilies
Smile as pure as rain
The Librarian, the Librarian
And he loved her
The handsome brawny youth

As she loved him

On moonlit nights
The two would stroll among the books
Their fingers touched along the spine
Turned pages hand in hand

Until a spark, a lick of flame
A hungry blaze, devouring brittle page
The Librarian trapped within
The youth, brave youth
Strove inside and
Through a window thrust her

The walls hove to
Entombing him in fiery death

The Librarian, the Librarian
Survived the fire but
Her broken heart stole her life as well
Her ghost still searches among the books
For her lost heroic love


Distant Brother
by Monkey

Dead of night,
stars alight
with dreams of far off worlds.
If God made me,
then couldn’t he
have made some distant brother?
With pen in hand,
words we command,
shaping stories in the night.
Both of us dream
of crossing the distance between
and coming face to face.
Separate we
seek to see
the world known by the other.
Someday we’ll meet
at Jesus’s feet
and talk of space travel with each other.


The Painter
by Monkey

A stroke of red
of green, of brown,
The painter moves the brush.
His pattern set,
his purpose clear,
each curve and color planned.
The watcher notes
the jumbled mess
and wonders at the sight.
The swirls of colors,
nonsense seem,
the lines not too precise.
The painter paints,
to the crowd’s unkind remarks.
He is the master
of his craft,
the shaper of the art.
In quiet hours,
the still of night,
when no one’s there to see.
He brings together
a masterpiece,
and makes the most of me.

3 Responses to Writing

  1. Aquaria says:

    How Eagle Won the Sky
    by Aquaria

    Long ago when the buffaloes still roamed all over Utah, there was an Indian clan.

    One of the clan members was named Caille, which means quail. When she was young, she learned how to make beads, pottery, and baskets. And as she grew up, she became the best storyteller in the clan.

    “Caille, tell us the story how Aigle won the Sky.” A young little boy and his older sister asked gently to the experienced women.

    Quail looked at the children and smiled, “Oui, pay attention, this story has much for you to learn from.”

    Long ago before even we where in this land, Eagle was a timid and nervous bird and never got in the way of Hawk and other birds of prey. Eagle wanted to fly high in the sky and rule it freely with no fear what-so-ever, but was too scared to even glide. She walked the ground with her best friends, Rabbit and Deer. They always encouraged her to spread her wings and take to the sky.

    “No, I can’t fly. What if I run into Hawk!” She said every time they encouraged her.
    Her friends would reply. “The mountains are wide and vast with many pine trees. Hawk and other birds of prey don’t fly here. They fly in the south, around the endless deserts with little plants and flat plateaus.”

    Still Eagle would never fly.

    One day Deer told her. “You have long, sharp, pointy talons, and a sharp, curved beak for a reason. Eagle, you should fly.”

    “Ok, I will try to fly.” Eagle promised her friends.

    “Tomorrow,” Rabbit said excitedly, “we will go to the top of the tallest mountain and you will soar off it.”

    Eagle shifted uncomfortably, “That’s not what I meant . . .” Eagle trailed off as Rabbit started chatting non-stop about tomorrow.


    Eagle looked down; she was at the top of the tallest mountain. She was about to soar off of it to show her friends she was brave. The cold breeze from high in the mountains was much chillier then the one in the valley. “Oui, there is nothing to worry about every thing is going to be fine.” Eagle reassured herself.

    She spread her wings and pushed off the ground. Her instinct quickly took over, and she began to soar as high as she could.

    She looked over the valley. Her eyes darting all around; a new world she had never seen before was right underneath her. But she could still see landmarks that she knew. Eagle watched as mountain went to valley and valley went to dry desert land in the south.

    “Eagle! Come back you’re going too far! You are in the south!” Rabbit yelled to her, but the wind was too loud in her ears.

    “EAGLE! You are in Hawk’s territory! If he catches you he’ll . . . ” Deer cried franticly, but Eagle didn’t listen.

    Eagle felt freer than ever and loved the feel of the wind in her face. A shadow fell over her and the dry, dead desert land below. Before Eagle could look up, sharp talons pierced into her shoulders, sending her down into the sandy hot desert.

    When she blinked her eyes open after her crash, she saw a sight and a face she had never wanted to see.

    “What do you think you are doing in my territory?” Hawk sneered angrily at her. She trembled as she said, “I was flying off the highest mountain and went a little—”
    “LIER!” Hawk screeched at her. “You obviously want to take my hunting grounds! If you want them you will have to beat me in a race!’ Hawk growled, “Follow me.” Hawk walked, his feathers bristling as he went.

    The sun was sweltering. It was noon by the time Hawk and Eagle reached the top of the tallest cliff. The valley below was huge and had dry, burning desert, stretching farther then the eye could see. “If you want my hunting grounds, you will have to reach the cliff on the other side of the Desert Valley before I do.” Hawk snickered.

    The valley was long, very long. Eagle could not back out now. This was her chance to face her fear, and she was going to do it. “Very well, Hawk, I accept your challenge.” Eagle said trying to hide her nervousness.

    Hawk nodded his head. They both walked up to the very edge of the cliff. Eagle gulped, what would happen if she lost?

    “On your mark…Get set…GO!” Hawk said. He and Eagle bolted into the air.
    Eagle was terrified, but her nervousness soon vanished as she felt the wind in her face and freedom that she had felt when she first flew. Before she knew it, she landed on the cliff on the other side of the valley. To her alarm, Hawk flew in just a couple seconds later, panting so hard it looked like he was about to fall off the cliff.

    “How did you do that?” he screeched in outrage. “Fine, you win. The valley’s yours,” Hawk mumbled and growled. He opened his wings, flew into the air, and left the valley forever.

    Eagle went to tell her friends what had happened, but when she reached them they already knew. “Congratulations, you beat Hawk!” Deer exclaimed proudly. “Now that you won the hunting grounds, you should go there and hunt.” Rabbit laughed.

    All the animals that had feared Hawk cheered for Eagle and then presented her with beautiful gifts.

    “And that’s how Eagle won the sky!” Quail finished and looked at the children who were wearing Eagle and Hawk feather hats and playing a game representing the story. “Les enfants,” Quail chuckled

    The End

  2. MaKenna says:

    Can I send in just a rough draft? Or would that be absolutely terrible of me?

  3. That would be terrific, MaKenna. You have written something then? Way to go. I’ll get in touch with you about this via email.

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