Hi, my name’s Monkey. Okay, it’s really Johnny Lovebird, but please, please don’t call me that. All my friends in the Smartboys Club call me Monkey. My friend Bean and I started the Smartboys Club at the beginning of the school year. It’s a club for all smart kids. But we found out there are a lot of different kind of smarts, and everyone is smart in their own way.

Smartboys Club Members

Monkey, Sandra, Art, Vinny, Bean


We’re glad to have you here with us in the club. Feel free to leave a post telling us about your own special smarts. Remember, do NOT include any personal information like your real name, how old you are, where you live, or the name of your school. Just your nick-name and any comments you want to make. Smartboys and girls know it’s important to stay safe on the internet.

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  1. Koyi says:

    Hi my nickname is Koyi. Iā€™m smart with computers, math, writing, scince, animals.

  2. Kyoki says:

    Hi my nickname is Kyoki. My smarts are: Reading,writing,computers,and animals. I think that the smart boys club series is EPICLY AWESOME!!

  3. Welcome Kyoki. It’s wonderful to meet you. Reading, writing, computers, and animals, that is awesome!!!!! Hope you have fun on the website.

  4. MaKenna says:

    Hi peoples! I am not sure how many smarts I really have, but my three favorites are writing, reading, and art. šŸ˜€

  5. HI MaKenna. Welcome to the site. Thanks for stopping by. Reading, writing, and art. Those are terrific!!!!!!

  6. BrainPACE says:

    Scientific and Mathematical abilities I excel at, as my cognitive functions at my right brain. Complex astrophysical function would rely on calculus as is f(x). I also excel at computer programming, as I have made 3 java script database functions. Yes, I am a kid….Not a scientist trolling you!

  7. Hi Brain. Thanks for stopping by the website. It’s great to hear from you!!!

  8. Emily Loi says:

    I excel at coding, algebra, and astronomy. I would love to work for NASA when I grow up.

  9. Rebecca Shelley says:

    That’s awesome, Emily. You will be a great asset to NASA. šŸ™‚

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